Successful conclusion of Taipei AMPA exhibition 2010年AMPA展覽圓滿結束

New Production Launch-CMC

2010年台北AMPA展已經成功落幕,技隆科技也沒有在這場宴會中缺席。 不同於一般汽車零件廠商依然著重在傳統鈑件及塑件的展出,技隆科技今年推出數種專為汽車外觀件打造熱塑性及熱固性複合材料製程。 結合技隆科技十數年汽車廠的OEM經驗,期待為傳統汽油車及新進的電動車打造一個更堅固更輕盈的車身。

2010 AMPA show has a successful conclusion. Giantec has no absence of this show.  Not like ordinary car parts suppliers who are still focus on legacy steel and plastic products, Giantec releases several sophisticated thermoplastic and thermoset composite producing process especially for vehicle exterior body panels.  With more than 10 years of OEM experiences, Giantec hope to build a stronger, yet lighter body for fuel-consuming vehicle and EVs.

此次AMPA展因應環保的潮流以『綠色行車,環保駕駛』為主題,『綠色能量展示中心』提供各國客人台灣最新的綠色節能的產品,我們在『輕量化』特區有『GMT 熱塑性玻璃纖維材』及『冷凍貨櫃車三明治複合板材』兩項榮獲展出。

In this 2010 AMPA, "Moving Green, Driving Eco" has been chosen as the main theme.  The "Green Power" display area offer the latest green products from Taiwan.   In the "Lightweight Design" area, Giantec won the award to display our "GMT-Glassfiber Mat Thermoplastic" and "Composite Trunk Body Panel" .

除此之外,由『拓樸產業研究所』與AMPA合辦的新產品發表會,技隆科技也以『高強度、輕量化熱壓碳纖維CMC(Carbon SMC)件』吸引了各界的目光。 CMC(Carbon SMC)是一種創新的碳纖維複合材料製程,目標在取代一般樹脂轉注成型,真空釜及真空袋等費時的成型方式。CMC以隨機散佈的裁切碳纖維含浸乙烯基樹脂,再以熱壓的方式成型。 CMC件的強度足以取代傳統剛件卻只有剛件的1/2~1/4的重量,最重要的是成型時間依產品需求可在3~7分鐘之內完成,成型時間短也代表著成本的降低跟量產化的可能,對於新時代的電動車的車體應用有非凡的意義。

In addition, through the "New Product Launch" held by Topology Research Institute and AMPA, our "High-Strength, Light-Weight Thermoset Carbon Fiber CMC(Carbon SMC)" draw the attentions from the buyers.  CMC(Carbon SMC) is an innovative carbon-fiber composite producing and forming process.  We aim the goal that CMC(Carbon SMC) is able to replace the traditional, time-consuming RTM, Autoclave and Vacuum-Bag forming process.  We impregnate randomly spread chopped carbon-fiber with vinyl resin and hot pressed the CMC(Carbon SMC) sheet.  CMC(Carbon SMC) has excellent stiffness and is able to replace legacy steel, yet only weigh 50%~25% of the steel.  The most important point is that the forming process can be finished with in 3~7 minutes according to product requirements.   Short forming time means the decreasing of the cost and possibility of the mass production.  It has significant meaning for EVs body panel applications.


Should you need more information of composite material vehicle applications, please contact our Marketing Manger Brad Wu.